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Meet Jean Liu Christen

Jean Liu Christen

Award-winning projects

Development slate of over a dozen film & television properties

Valuable book IPs by New York Times Bestselling Authors

Emmy award winner attachments

Over 1,000 book titles developed, packaged & published

Over 5M books sold

Lauded for championing artists, and respected for keeping an eye on the bottom line, Jean has been entrusted with a highly desirable slate of ongoing new projects, representing valuable IPs by New York Times Bestselling authors and screenplays by Emmy winners, in an exceptionally short period of time.


Jean has always been passionately in love with film and television but never thought she would be in the business of making them! Her path into the entertainment industry has been an unusual one.


Prior to donning her producer’s hat, she studied international relations and traveled the world as a publishing executive working with writers, artists, printers, corporate executives, developing products, and bringing creative visions to life. During this time, Jean successfully packaged and published over 1,000 titles totaling over 5 million copies sold, through major retailers like Walmart, Target, Barnes and Noble, and restaurant chains like Cracker Barrel. 


As a producer, Jean honed her creative eye working in development at companies like Mandeville, The Gotham Group, and Entertainment Lab, and has won awards for some of her independent projects. 


She excels at balancing great content and commercial success, always with the goal of achieving win-win, repeatable results. In the process, she has developed a professional reputation for making lemonade out of lemons and turning obstacles into stepping stones. She personifies the phrase, "one's word is their bond," engendering trust, likability, and respect. 

8CE brings to market entertainment that engages, delights, inspires, and uplifts, while challenging the status quo and shifting the culture for the common good.

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